Phishing Email

You have reached this page because you have been caught by a phishing email.

Below we will detail what to look out for to help identify phishing emails.

All the information and pages within this campaign are all accessible from the main and show what a malicious attacker could achieve with only knowledge gained from the publically accessible site.

  1. The email address received from is a “.org” email which is not associated with UKSBS.

  1. Hovering over the iExpenses link shows it does not lead to the internal portal for Oracle but to

    1. When the link is clicked, although the page is deemed secure with a padlock, this does not mean the website is safe.

      1. At the bottom of the email it is said that the email has been scanned by Symantec. UKSBS emails are scanned by iCritical.
      2. These are all clues that lead to this being a suspicious email however realistic it may appear to be.

        If you are unsure whether an email is legitimate please attach the email and send it to for further investigation.